Our History!

Our Amazing Story!!

Originally established in 1971 by Larry Sargeant, as the Malone Parachute Center, located in Malone, New York. In 1977, Larry sold the Parachute Center to a group of its skydivers. These Members started volunteering their time and running the operation as a not-for-profit club, and changed its name to the Malone Parachute Club. After the parachute operation was taken over by the newly formed Malone Parachute Club it blossomed into a first-class club/training facility.

In the spring of 2003 after 31 years in Malone the club moved its operation to the Clinton County Airport in Plattsburgh, New York. Wanting to keep the long history and tradition associated with the club, the members chose to name their new DZ, The Malone Parachute Club at Plattsburgh. This DZ provided spectacular views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains.

After 5 amazing years at Clinton County Airport, the airport closed and moved flight operations to the Plattsburgh International Airport (the old Air-Force base). It was time again, to search for a new location. Wanting to stay within the same region along Lake Champlain, we searched out and landed in Franklin County, at the State Airport in Swanton, Vermont, in April of 2008. Once settled, the club purchased a hangar and converted part of it into an office for operations and classroom for training students and new club members. 

Over the years our customers have commented on our name being confusing as we are no longer physically located in Malone, NY as well as the thought that "Club" could be inferred a private organization. So in 2020 we have opted to rebrand as Skydive Vermont!! 

We hope you can come on out to see what the Skydive Vermont, operated by The Malone Parachute Club, is all about!!

Among our alumni are numerous world-class and champion skydivers. Our leadership continues to be among the country's most experienced and competent.


The original sign that sat near Route 11 in Malone, NY