1st Time Jumpers!!

Our Tandem Jump offers you the ability to experience all the thrills of Skydiving: the freefall, parachute ride, and landing in a safe and informative way. With a 25-30 minute briefing you will be ready to join your instructor and fly the skies!! The view from freefall is amazing with Lake Champlain and the Green Mountains as your back drop!! Our landing area is in front of the Skydive Vermont hangar so feel free to bring your family and friends to watch you grinning ear to ear as you land!!

Continue Your Progression!!

I'm Ready for a Static-Line Jump!!

The Static-Line Jump Course is a great training method for anyone who wants to keep going in the sport after making the first Tandem Jump!! The course is offered every open morning and typically takes around 4-6 hours with a certified instructor to complete. Contact us for more details on this exciting option!!

Check out some FAQ's!!


Our most common questions!

Can I call and make a reservation?

  • Absolutely!! You can email us through our Contact Us page and let us know when you would like to make it out!! We also take walk-ins by way of first come first serve, feel free to just show on up at any time throughout the day and we can get you in the air!!

​Why do I need to make a Tandem before my Static-Line?

  • ​The Tandem is a great introduction into the sport! It helps get a general understanding of the feel and function so heading out of the plane alone is less intimidating!

How Many Static-Line Jumps do I need to make prior to Freefall?

  • Short answer is 5! We typically do 2 Static-Lines to perfect the body position for exit then go for 3 more where you will use a practice ripcord to learn to pull your own parachute!! If you do great you may get it in 4 jumps, but it could take longer if the form needs some work!

Is there a weight limit?

  • It is true that the skydiving equipment has a maximum load capacity. Our weight limit is 230 pounds. If you have questions regarding this one please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

​Can my friend and I jump at the same time?

  • ​We can definitely try and make this one happen for you!! Some restrictions that will make this difficult will be whether or not a video is desired or the number of instructors we have on site on a given day. 

​What do I wear for my jump?

  • Comfortable clothing!! We recommend athletic shoes and whatever you are comfortable wearing. We will be giving you a jumpsuit over your clothing to keep you warm!!

​Can I bring my own camera or Go Pro?

  • For sure!! However, you will not be able to bring it with you during your skydive. The pilot could potentially get a sweet exit video for you, or your friends will be able to get an awesome landing shot, but you are required by the USPA to have 200 jumps to take it with you on the jump. If you would like some great video let your instructor know and we can send up one of our experienced videographers to get you a great video!!

Why Choose Skydive Vermont, operated by The Malone Parachute Club?

  • We jump in one of the most beautiful locations with Lake Champlain, the Green Mountains, and the skyline of Montreal in the back ground. Add that to the extremely skilled and dedicated staff you get a win-win all the way around!!

​I do not see a price for student coach jumps?

  • Because there is no charge at the Parachute Club for coach jumps when the student is going for their license. We have many skilled USPA rated coaches at Skydive Vermont that would love to make a jump with you!!

What about the Weather?

  • We get this one a lot! It is true, our ability to jump is based on having good weather. Clouds and winds can prevent us from getting you up for your jump.

​Should I play the Weather?

  • Forecasts are often inaccurate, and in the summer weather can change rather quickly. We are located close to the lake, so there are a lot of days we have beautiful weather over the drop zone and you can see inclement weather from the sky. We say, plan the day for your jump and come on out!!

How Can I Pay?

  • Well, we love cash :) but we also take personal checks and credit cards. Mastercard and Visa are the cards we accept!! 

​Can I buy a Gift Certificate?

  • ​Does a skydiver love freefall? Of course you can, contact us and let us know what you need and we will support!!

​When do I Show Up for my Tandem, Course, or Retrain?

  • ​The Static-Line course starts on Saturday or Sunday promptly at 9:30. Come on out and learn to parachute!!
  • The Retrain starts any time prior to 10am, feel free to contact us to let us know your availability!!
  • For your Tandem either walk on in or show up at your scheduled time!!